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About Us

Melissa Engelke – Typed Word

Typed Word is a reliable and friendly business with no job being too big or too small. We treat your work with the strictest confidentiality.  

Typed Word started in 1995, providing professional and confidential copy typing, transcription, formatting, and many other secretarial services. I have worked in many different office settings, both private and government organisations, and cater to a diverse range of industries, including medical, legal, government organisations and educational bodies.

With the freedom that the internet provides, our services are available Australia wide, and indeed worldwide. However, for anyone who wishes to consult with us in person, we are based in West Perth, Western Australia.

Using Typed Word provides you with the following benefits:

Cost effective – No need to be paying for office space, equipment, annual leave and superannuation when outsourcing your work.

Up-to-date technology – We are up to date in a wide range of office software and will accept and deliver data in whatever format and data transfer medium you deem most appropriate to your needs.

Efficient – We provide fast turnaround to help meet your deadlines.

Programs used are Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Photoshop.