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Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription Services is one of the many professional services provided by our experienced typists.

Typed Word is located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia in Leeming.  However this does not restrict us geographically as we currently do work for clients Australia wide via email and Dropbox.

Or in other words, speech and/or dictation to text document.   This can be for testimony, minutes, authoring, correspondence, patient notes, manuscripts, medical, focus groups, meetings and presentations, podcasts, and any voice recording.  We currently specifically do medical transcription.  Also legal transcription.  Finally we do research transcriptions.

We take pride in our reputation for providing clear, timely, and affordable transcriptions and offering a level of service which is highly personalised to each client’s needs, whilst ensuring complete confidentiality.  We go the extra distance to ensure your work is completed efficiently and cost effectively and within your budget.  Our regular clients know us to be reliable, reachable and dependable in our dealings with them.

We create accurately and professionally formatted Word transcripts from digital audio files such as MP3, WMA, MSV etc in a timely manner, with great attention to quality and detail.  These high quality transcripts are submitted as per your deadline, at reasonable rates.  All transcription work is proofread and reviewed to ensure accuracy throughout.

To assist us in this regard, please note the following.  Focus groups, meetings and presentations are the most difficult to record properly, as there are usually three or more participants.  Please take time to ensure you have adequate microphones for the size of the group.  Ensure each participant states their name at the beginning of the recording, so they can be identified.  For even better identification ask each participant to state their name each time they are speaking.  Always test first to make sure people can be heard.  Note that rustling papers, clinking water jugs and coffee cups, air conditioners and mobile phones ringing can, in some circumstances, cause the discussion to become inaudible.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.